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Robert O ⋆ Ultimate 5 A Side Football Leagues
Rob-o is ultimate5aside player in london
Robert O - Personal Info
Date Of Birth:1950-07-12
Place Of Birth:Rochester Castle
Nationality:United Kingdom
Team:Condors Hatchlings
Playing Position:CB

Robert O

    Player Stats ⋆ Ultimate5aside™

    StatTotal (All Time)
    Matches Played28
    Goals per game1.64
    Assists per game0.50

    Player Profile

    Nickname?Irish Mafioso
    Who he supports?Manchester City
    What player does he model his game on?Tom H from Los Landells
    Preferred foot?Third
    Footballing level? (Using Ultimate5aside’s guide)Beats some 8 year olds
    What his teammates say about him?Got a chopper
    Who would he pick as his all time #Ultimate5aside team?JLB, JLB, JLB, JLB, JLB
    What’s his Instagram?@seatedonwordsofbeauty
    What’s his Twitter?This info will be available ASAP

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