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Hall of Fame | Ultimate5aside

Ultimate5aside Hall of fame

The all time player rankings – Will you make it into the Ultimate5aside hall of fame?

All time Ultimate5aside Top Scorers

1Tom H108
2James M107
3Tom P91
4Mark G86
5Andy G81
6Abdul C75
7Marcus R73
8Sam B67
9Matt H65
10Jono W58
11Dom L50
12Sam A48
13Luke H46
14Luke L46
15Michael S45
16Robert O44
17Joe C42
18Sergi V41
19Alex S41
20Owen B39

All time Ultimate5aside Most assists

1Tom P87
2Andy G62
3Matt H51
4Sam B47
5Abdul C46
6James M39
7Sergi V37
8Dan M35
9Mark G35
10Andrew E35
11Jono W31
12Coby H31
13Mo R31
14Numan A30
15Joe C29
16Sam A29
17Tom H27
18Chris J25
19Sean E21
20Colin M21

All time Ultimate5aside Most MOMs

1Tom H16
2James M12
3Abdul C12
4Mark G11
5Tom P10
6Marcus R7
7Matt H7
8Dom L7
9Alex S6
10Luke L6
11Joey A6
12Jono W5
13Andy G5
14Luke H5
15Robert O5
16Sam A5
17Adam B4
18Michael S4
19Owen B4
20Billy A4

All time Ultimate5aside Appearances

1Sam B64
2Tom P64
3Andy G63
4James M48
5Chris J42
6Mo R41
7Joe C39
8Adam B39
9Tom H39
10Jono W38
11Dan M36
12Sam A36
13Matt H33
14Luke H32
15Joe F32
16Bieber A32
17Ricky C31
18Max G31
19Dean M30
20Sergi V30

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